Wizkid’s 11th single from Ayo (the album) is titled Ki Lo Fe. Sarz, a talented producer, produced the track. Starboy Entertainment’s executive chairman is Wzkid.

Similarly, you shouldn’t pass up this incredible pop hit.

According to the artist, the final sound is like a breath of fresh air because it combines the dynamic tempo and intensity of afrobeats with the percussive and electronic vibes of electronic dance music.

Furthermore, you must not overlook this amazing smash song.

In the end, the production and mixing of the First-class mix, which included guitar from Fiokee, are commendable.

Quotable lyrics

My girl wen i did this song
I swear say i do am for you
My love for u go beyond
Anything there want to show you
You give me d strength to carry on
Thats y i go always love you
Girl i bad pass JAMES BOND
And dats y i go fight for you
Girl i can’t do without you do without you
I gats to let u know
Girl e go break my heart
It will break my heart
If u ever leave me go
In d sunny and d rainy weather
I’ll be there for you
So girl take my hand
And let us fly away
Kilofe Porsche carera
Kilofe designer
Je ka wole
Baby je ka wole
Kilofe owo mi lo wa
Kilofe designer
Kilofe porsche carera
Baby je ka wole
Ka wole
Kilofe owo mi lo wa
Can’t u seeoh baby can’t u see
Ke kule gbo ko so fun toko
Baby girl i love u truly and
My body for you only
And for you i act a fool
Ke kule gbo ko so fun toko
Baby girl i swear am falling
And to sleep and i can’t control
I can’t help my feelings for you
Feeling ur low waist o
Love ur figure eight
Your body i no fit wait o
Oh baby abegee shake e oh
Love ur waist o oh

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