In a sweet video, Munir, the actress Regina Daniels’ son, begs mum to pardon him for ruining a tennis racket she just bought.

The actress in the video instructed her kid to bow down and apologize to his mother. I’m sorry, Mama, and I won’t do it again.

Watch adorable video of Regina Daniels’ son, Munir, begging her to forgive him

Munir complied with this, but everyone in the room laughed at his attitude and the way he repeated what his mother had instructed him to say.

Munir was requested to give Regina Daniels a hug while everyone laughed, and he did so while murmuring, “Forgive me, Mama, I’ll not do it again.”

The actress tweeted the footage;

It’s just a gigantic case, this moon.”
He enjoys using tennis rackets, so I purchased him a small one yesterday on my way home from work. I just got it back today, and it’s broken. @princemunirnwoko, I don’t even know what to do with him. “