A man described the heartbreaking moment he discovered his girlfriend having an extramarital affair with someone he least anticipated.

After six months of dating, he saw her in bed with her older brother, despite the fact that she had claimed to be a virgin, and he was thrilled to have finally located a wife candidate.

He was horrified by what he saw, but what terrified him, even more, was that even after being exposed as a fraud, she insisted that she was still a virgin.

He wrote; “I dated my ex for 6 months, and she told me she was a virgin I was happy I found a wife material, lol. I later caught her sleeping (sic) with her elder brother. Wetin pain me pass be said she still dey insist she’s a virgin after the act.

Reacting, @camash002; I’ve heard something of such I still don’t believe it….. Re u sure they’re biologically related? Hmmmn this one turf.

He responded; Yes, they’re

Another tweep @Redempt1on777 wrote; Her what??real life or film?? Or play

The man answered; Na Yoruba film I dey watch am but this one real??