Marlian Music is excited to announce the release of a new single “0903” by EMO Grae, its newest signed artist.
0903 is EMO Grae’s first project for Marlian Music, featuring the talented Buju and produced by Niphkeys.

0903 delivers a distinct blend of afro and alt vibes while telling the story of two young men who fell in love and were played by the same girl.

EMO Grae, the sweet boy of the Marlian family, brings a smooth, romantic feel to his soultry vocals.

The singer creates a sound that has been described as a pleasant departure by combining the dynamic speed and intensity of highlife with the percussive and electrical vibrations of electronic dance music.

This is also an excellent blockbuster single that should not be overlooked.

If you like music, chances are you already own the most recent wild hit song.

Quotable Lyrics

Oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Hmm hmm She call my phone 0903
She loves to come around me and to see
After some liquor now she teasing me
She say Buju would you come around and sing for me
She call my phone 0903
She likes the boy say she feeling me
She likes the rhythm and the melody
She say EMO would you come around and sing to me
Oh oh oh all I know
Say she likes the vibe and the melody

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