Mathias Pogba, the brother of Paul Pogba, was detained on suspicion of attempting to extort the Juventus midfielder.

Mathias Pogba was reportedly detained by police in Paris after being asked to be questioned regarding an alleged role in the kidnapping of his brother and an attempt to extort him for £11.2 million.

As part of the French authorities investigation into “extortion with a weapon as an organized gang, abduction or kidnapping… to prepare or facilitate… a crime and belonging to a criminal gang,” three additional unnamed men were also taken into custody.

Paul Pogba, a former midfielder for Manchester United, and his attorney Rafaela Pimenta filed a criminal complaint in August, alleging that a group of men had been pressuring him into paying them £11.2 million for historic protection.

The 29-year-old claimed that his brother and friends from his upbringing in the Paris suburbs were among the group.

Paul Pogba claimed that in March, he was coerced into paying €100,000 at a flat in Lagny-sur-Marne.

Additionally, he stated that intimidation incidents occurred in Manchester in April and later in and around Turin, Italy, after his summer transfer to Juventus.

The issue arose after Mathias Pogba posted on social media that he would reveal “explosive information” that could “affect his sibling’s popularity around the world.”

Paul Pogba has suggested his brother is being influenced by other people